RIVAS – Vibrations: Ways out of the Annoyance

A summary of outcomes

Please find the final brochure of the RIVAS project under Results and Publications.


“Vibration – Ways out of the annoyance”, was held in Brussels, on 21 November 2013

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General project structure of RIVAS

The project examines all vibration effects and aspects of the system: vehicle, track, propagation, freight and high speed rail services.

WP1 establishes the test procedures to monitor and control the performance of vibration mitigation measures under realistic conditions.

WP2 develops and evaluates mitigation measures based on reducing the excitation of vibration at the vehicle-track interface by improved maintenance.

WP3 develops and evaluates mitigation measures for ballasted and slab tracks

WP4 will develop and evaluate mitigation measures based on sub-grade improvement and ground barriers within the railway infrastructure

WP5 addresses the impact of the vehicle

Each of the solutions is to be validated with field tests on the major European rail networks represented in RIVAS.