RIVAS – Vibrations: Ways out of the Annoyance

A summary of outcomes

Please find the final brochure of the RIVAS project under Results and Publications.


“Vibration – Ways out of the annoyance”, was held in Brussels, on 21 November 2013

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Dissemination and Management (WPs 6 -8)

Beside of actual research work, the implementation of research projects is also related to successful dissemination and exploitation of results and a proper management of the technical and administrative work.

In particular, dissemination activities aim at the exploitation of existing experience and good practice, the active project communication and promotion of the RIVAS project in the railway world and on a political level in parallel with a continuous dissemination of results and training on the tools developed. The dissemination will increase stakeholders’ awareness for the vibrations subject and provide substantive information for ongoing discussions between the railways and political institutions as well as residents affected by vibrations near railway lines.