RIVAS – Vibrations: Ways out of the Annoyance

A summary of outcomes

Please find the final brochure of the RIVAS project under Results and Publications.


“Vibration – Ways out of the annoyance”, was held in Brussels, on 21 November 2013

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Mitigation Measures Track (WP3)

The scope of this WP is to tackle ground vibrations at source by developing and optimising mitigation measures on the track itself. As the track characteristics (pad stiffness, fastening system, sleeper,…) plays a major role in the generation of ground vibrations, efficient mitigation measures can be designed to modify the track response with the target of low vibration emission in the ground.

Based on a state-of-the-art review of existing mitigation measures, the most promising solutions will be selected. Development and optimization will be performed by combining computer simulation and laboratory tests. Selected mitigation measures are installed onto commercial tracks to be assessed under normal operating conditions. Activities comprise ballasted in-line track, curves, switches and slab track. Guidelines will be worked out for the efficient application of vibration mitigation measures.

The following tasks will be achieved:

  • State-of-the art technology assessment of existing vibration mitigation measures and definition of priorities for further work;
  • Development of vibration mitigation measures based on optimization of rail fastening systems and sleeper/ballast interaction
  • Assessment of the potential of under sleeper pads as vibration mitigation measure for curves
  • Better understanding of the phenomena causing ground vibrations by switches and subsequent design of efficient mitigation measures
  • Classification of existing slab track systems with respect to emission of ground vibrations and development of mitigation measures with focus on the sleeper/slab interface
  • To provide guidelines to choose the most appropriate mitigation measures for a dedicated track. The expected reduction of ground vibration for different configurations of buildings and soils, the installation features, the consequences onto the track maintenance, the costs are provided for each validated mitigation measure